How Our Donate system works:


1:Click on "Donate" button.
2:Send the ammount you desire to donate for us.
3:Write at Details your "Char Name" in our server.
4:Send it.
5:Take a copy of your donate and contact with us.
6:Awaiting money transfering.

7:Done,you will receive the coins in server.

For Other ways of donation please contact with us.

                  Euro(s)     -    Donation Coin(s)

                            1              =              1 

                            2              =              2

                            3              =              3

                            4              =              4 

                            5              =              7

                          10              =              15 

                          25              =              40(+15% as a gift,total=46)

                          50              =              80(+25% as a gift,total=100)

                        100              =             160(+50% as a gift,total=240)


Server is free to play. Although by supporting our server with a donation, you will earn Donation Coins as a reward,to buy goods in server !!

These rewards by each donation are:


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