Server Info:
    -Interlude No Custom PvP server.
    -Two L2 windows by Hardware.
    -Farm Difficulty: Medium-Hard.
    -Enchant Difficulty: Easy-Medium.
    -Starting character Level: 79.
    -Main Town: Giran.   
    -Rebirth System.
    -Special Accessories with low stats.
    -Events: "TvT every 2h", "Ctf every 2h", "DM once per day", "Town War Once per week."
    -Special Event by GM's every Sunday.
    -Clan Manager with vote items.

Enchant info:
    -Safe: 4 | Max: 18
    -Normal scrolls: 4-8 with 70%(static) success rate & 8-16 with 65%(dynamic by 2%)success rate.
    -Blessed scrolls: 4-12 with 100% success rate & 12-16 with 66% success rate.
    -Golden scrolls: 4-16 with 100% success rate(only in olympiad store).
    -Crystal scrolls: 16-18 with 45% success rate.

Olympiad Info:
    -Period: One Week ,from Monday(18:00 gmt +2) to Sunday(00:00 gmt+2).
    -Skills are avaiable ONLY in main Class of each hero.
    -Edited Olympiad Shop with enchanted hero weapons,custom cloak,golden scrolls and reduced price of blessed scrolls!
    -Hero weapon "chance skills" are reduced to 1% success rate.
    -Edited G-Shield or G-Might has given to classes for better olympiad balance.
    -G Shield given to : Soultaker,Mystic Muse,Storm Screamer,Archmage,Adventurer,Wind rider,Ghost hunter with different increased stats to each class.
    -G Might given to : Sagitarius, Ghost Sentinel , Moonlight Sentinel.

Edited Classes:
   -Classes that we have Boost: BladeDancer,SwordSinger,Maestro,FortuneSeeker,Warcryer,Dark Avenger,Shillien Templar.
   -Classes that we have Nerf: Sagitarius, Ghost Sentinel , Moonlight Sentinel, Dominator ,Gladiator.

Custom Features:
   -Dark Crystal Robe have same stats with Arcana Major Robe.
   -Dark Crystal Robe in Human fighters looks like Light.
   -Monthly Event of cheaper items which pop up once per month for one week!

Farm Zones and Drops:
    -Safe Zones : Elven Village & Gludin Village
 Drops: Farm Items 3-4, Adena 1.5-2.5kk, Week Farm Items 2, S-Grade item 1-2(needed to buy  S-Grade weapons)

    -Farm PvP/PK: Ketra orc outpost & Monastery of silence
 Drops: Farm Items 5, Adena 3.5-5kk, Week Farm Items 3-4, S-Grade item 2-3,Blessed Scroll A-Grade weapon/armor(5% chance)

    -Farm PvP protected:Forge of the Gods
 Drops: Farm Items 6-7, Adena 3.5-5kk, Week Farm Items 3-5, S-Grade item 3-5,Blessed Scroll A-Grade weapon/armor(6% chance)

    -Party Zone: Archaic Laboratory
 Drops: Farm Items 40-50, Adena 150-200kk, Week Farm Items 20-25, S-Grade item 20-25,High-Grade Lifestone 2,
Blessed Scroll A-Grade weapon/armor 1-3 (15% chance),Blessed Scroll S-Grade Armor(10% chance).


Raid/Epic Boss features:
   -Auto-Flag in every Boss Area.
   -In Newbies Boss zone yours stats will set as +4 Items stats.
   -You can find Respawn times and drops in game.

         MORE INFO in game at NPC " ALEXA " !!!


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